What Kindness Can Do?

When there is problem and there are reasons where we have choice that either kindness to be chosen or the hatred, most of the people will go for choosing hatred because they believe it’s the best thing that we can do at the time. There were reasons people believe that they can do and achieve more with a little hate and they can reach more and more close to the target but it’s not! If we wanna achieve our goals and make a place in the world only one thing can be of assistant and that’s Kindness. Being kind is not an option, with kindness you will be loved by others.

There is a reason we say that what will be our legacy when we leave this world! It’s in itself is very complicated statement. Legacy, actually what is legacy of a person? I will say only this for me only legacy is if the person is remembered for good after even his death. There are a lot of people who left there legacy good or bad which this world see in front of them. Like Nelson Mandela, what he did and the path of sacrifice and kindness he shown everybody is just something else and something big. Whereas, on the other hand we can see the legacy of Osama Bin Laden. What he left as a legacy is only fear death & destruction. Nothing else.

We, the current generation need to leave a legacy for the world which is going to make future better for the coming generation, our kids and our grand kids. For that, we need to make the environment more lovingly and full of kindness, that is the goal we all should need to do and work on. And not only the human beings but also the other living beings like animals, not destroying there habitats and not cutting down trees, but to support them more.

When we show kindness or do an act of kindness, it never dies there but it will come back to you, definitely. Not importantly from the same person or in the same way but there are a lot of ways to accomplish that.

So go ahead, and do an act of kindness now!

And make the world a better place.

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