Sometimes we don’t know where our life is going to take us or what life is going to throw next on us. But something that could be one of the most amazing thing that we can get from life. There is so much to achieve and get from life that we never think what little moments that are hidden beneath the big moments we miss because we only focus over sights on the big ones.

Unexpected are really the way of life to showing us the unseen sides of the life and the nature. Where is the fun when you know everything, few things are most beautiful when they come as a surprise. I’ve been an adventurous person my whole life but I love when I get something unexpected. Not all the time it’s good, sometimes I got bad too. But I don’t frown on that but get along with it and smile.

So just forget about all the things and love the unexpected and spread cheers all along, because you never know what unexpected thing turns out to be in a gift of life which can change your life for good.

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