Stage Of Greats

It’s true that the greats of tennis world are in their end of the career. This is not the afternoon of their playing life. I agree to that, its the evening but the evening is so beautiful that I can’t take my eye away from it. The way these greats are playing its just blessing to watch them. After every encounter the finesse is just increased and the love for them increase more and more.

Roger Federer, Maria Sharapova, Rafael Nadal, Serena Williams all are playing the last leg of their career. Its up to them how many years they have got left in them, whether its 1 year or two years or the three years. We as a fan just need to enjoy the remaining time they are playing because after that they will left the court and will be having only memories of the matches.

But the evening of this great majestic career of there’s is also so majestic. No one can come close to them. Every match they play in the Grand Slam is not that they are making a mark for themselves but actually they are just honouring the Grand Slam Stages.

I still remember what Roger Federer said when he won the last AUSTRALIAN OPEN, “If I have to get again a draw for final I always want Rafa. Hey Rafa please keep playing as Tennis needs you”.

This statement just made me so proud that I actually can’t express in English language. Today when I was seeing Maria Sharapova playing in the 2nd Round of Australian Open, she was like flying on the court. And this win is her 600th win. During the interview when asked about her 600th win she said yes we are getting old too. They all four are the pillars of the modern tennis and “Tennis” need them, all of them as long as they play.


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  1. Ahhh, these are lovely sentiments. WE all hit the end of some of our careers, and move on to the next phase. I wonder what will be their legacy. Will it end with Grand Slam wins? Or are they destined to even greater heights of accomplishment in the next stages of their lives? Only time will answer this question.

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