People are always very much thinking and many times fuming about they are not able to please people around them. But the main thing that they are not respecting themselves like they should. People take themselves for granted. Everyone wants to be loved but they are forgetting to love themselves. First, you need to love yourself and for doing that you need to accept for who you are. No filters no shades THE REAL YOU.

When you will start loving yourself and respecting yourself, people will start to see for actually who you are and then they will see real you, and respect you. Done’t under-estimate yourself. You are not a loser, you are one of a kind and you have one thing that no one have.


Give yourself the same respect that you want to receive from the others. If you are not willing to respect yourself how can expect the same from the others.

Create your music, dance to your tunes, spread your wings, love for who you are, respect yourself and live your life to fullest… EACH & EVERY SECOND.

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