There is nothing better in the world than #love and the #kindness. What is #love and #kindness? Do we show enough #love and #kindness to everybody in the world, we can? What is #love? There is a lot of kind of #love we see around us all the time. #love is not only that we see between a girlfriend and boyfriend or husband and wife. There are more.

Like, when you are getting late to reach home and your mom call you to check why you are getting late and to know if you’re okay, that’s #love. When you’re fighting with your sister on a stupid thing and then either you give that thing to her or she give that think back to you, that’s #love. When your grandmother says that you’re the best gift she ever received in her life, that’s the #love. These all are some of the different kind of #love. But there are so many things that actually come with it like care, tension! When we care for somebody it’s also a kind of #love we actually have for someone or somebody.

We should spread #love as much as we can in all the living creature and the plant kingdom too. They are also as much alive as we are. If we show our #love to them, they will prosper in a healthy and beautiful way but if we just ignore them or hate them, they will soon get be dead. #Love is important to every little or big creature on this planet. Even the nature also shows its affection towards us. It’s due to the Nature’s affection that we are living and breathing here. We have seen that how much ferocious Nature can be. All the Earthquakes that shook the earth, the volcanoes spitting that molten Lava out, all the twisters, hurricanes, tornadoes, avalanches all are a kind of anger that Nature has shown. But every morning as the sunlight touches the Earth’s surface and it sprung the liveliness in the creatures of the Earth that is the #love of the nature.

We can do one thing that will be very good for all of us, with #Love we can just make sure that we are spreading a message that people of Earth have not forgotten the #love that is being given to us by the Mother Nature.

Respect it!!!

Love it!!! And spread Love!!!

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