International Literature’s Day

Today is International Literature’s Day and this like a Christmas of Christians and Diwali of Hindus for us, people related to the Literature Community. I celebrate this day every year in my own way but this year I thought I need to celebrate in a different way. This year I want to express my gratitude to all the people who made some difference in my life related to Literature. If I need to start from my Early Days.

My father, he is Lecturer of English Language & Literature and from my early childhood days I have a lot of influence from his side. There were always a lot of books in our home from early days and whenever I get the book to read in my growing years those were never the comics, they were always the Literature related book. So in a way my affection to the Literature Community started from my childhood days. I still remember the day when my dad started doing his Masters in English and the books that he was reading for the semester end exams were William Shakespeare’s. During my school days, when I came back from the school I always take sometime reading those books and have a wonderful time with them. I really fell in deep love with them.

This love with the literature just increased day by day and I never looked back from then. In my school days my first English Teacher was Urmil Mahendru. She was way too old in comparison to other teacher but her way of teaching was like filling us[the students] with the light of the literature and that was really great.

Whenever I have something to think about and didn’t get answers, I never found anything rather than the literature & the books. Whenever I was sad or I’m feeling sad, I always look for the poetry books and those are the best and one of the kind. In the midst of the book I always felt safe and full of life. There are so much emotions associated with the books. They are not just the books but they are like a person filled with life in them and not only they have lights but they actually shower the lights on others.

This literature world is filled with a lot of amazing authors and so many readers. All of them make this literature world worth that is invaluable. On this day of International Literature’s Day I just wanna wish each and every one a very happy day and all the books in the world and also the upcoming books in the future.

Read them, enjoy them and live them. If you are not a reader! Hell what are you waiting for, just go to a library or a book shop and get your first book, trust me its going to change your life forever!!!

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