HELP! No Matter What…

One day I was taking a walk just outside my society and it was nice and slightly busy evening. People are going their ways, and suddenly a girl[around 11-12 years old] fell down from her bicycle. No one stopped, or did something but kept passing by. I ran to her, helped to stand and then she stood taking support of a standing car. She seems to be in excruciating pain. It seems like that while falling down she hit herself with the handle and she asked me to call her mom so that she come and pick her up.

I asked her mom’s no and called her. In 10 minutes her mom came and took her home, maybe hospital first.

But my whole point is why people didn’t stopped and keep walking and driving away. That girl was unattended there for almost 2-3 minutes. What is the problem of these people who don’t care about what is going on around them and not caring about it a bit. This really is not the society we want to live in.

Why we don’t wanna help people who needs it?

Why we don’t wanna hear what people have to say?

Why we don’t care about others?

We need to ask these questions to ourselves. We should not think twice before helping someone. And definitely lend a hand if we feel that the person is needy because you may feel that you’re lending a hand but that might be life saver for someone. We need to make a compassionate world that is going to be caring and kind world for everyone.

We need to think what legacy we will leave for our next generation; a legacy where people actually care or a legacy where people live for themselves.

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  1. Great post and I’m glad you were able to help her. I believe the answer lies often with the Bystander Effect – where people are less likely to help those injured or in need, if there are other people around.

    The concept always stems from the fact that people assume “someone else will” but that attitude can lead to no one helping.

    I had the same issue when the car in front of me suddenly veered off into the oncoming lane. Only one woman and I stopped and rushed over. The driver had passed out at the wheel. Thankfully it was rush-hour so the cars were all moving slowly but the fact so many people just ignored him.

    By the end, more people did come over, though mostly to just “look”.

    Strangely, I found the opposite since I moved to N. Ireland. A few months ago at around 11.30pm I was collecting my partner from the bus stop and found an elderly woman lying in the road. We stopped to assist and within 5 minutes, several people had stopped and offered aid and even some teenage lads in a car stopped to ask if we needed help.

    I was so surprised by this and it gave me a ‘Faith in Humanity’ moment.

    It always reminds me of that American show “What Would You Do?” where they set up false scenarios and secret cameras to see how people will react and if they will help.

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